Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Manipulation for our own amusement. Sex for sport, lying for fun. Human beings constantly feel the need to feed off entertainment. We pull at the tight strings of social norms because we’re bored. We become enwrapped by intricate webs of lies and cover ourselves with heavy make-up, red lips, dark lids.

Our hair grows long and tangled with the desire to find another self. Only we’ve created a profession in which we can take on other roles, other selves, embody characters who seem more interesting, more complex, imaginary people who speak of and live the stories we wish we ourselves had truly lived. We jump from religion to religion, we look at different gods and hope one of their arms will reach out, one of the screws that holds them will one day come loose.

Boredom. We drown in the world of pornography to trick our minds into believing we are doing something which, in reality, we dare not do. We build cabins with toy logs and buy dream houses and drive tiny, plastic, pink Corvettes. We create our own Tyler Durdens to say what we can’t say. We live in the world of books, in the world of film, lose ourselves in the rhythm of beautiful music that makes us trust, helps us breathe. We lie to the blank pages of our journals, with the hilarious hope that one day we’ll look back and won’t remember none of it was true. We splatter paint to cover the harsh white of a canvas, and set up pictures on our walls to remind us of things and people we shouldn’t need reminding of.

But don’t think for a minute this is wrong. Don’t believe, even for a second, I’m saying this is bad. Because in the midst of lying, we create a circle that takes us back to the beginning. Because in the task of removing our make-up each night, in the process of choosing the heaviest jewelry and the perfect tattoos to cover our naked bodies, in between the lines of stories we read time and time again, and in the time we take to build that person we want, more than anything, to become…we create. Whomever once told you lying was wrong had a point. Honesty can be so much more intriguing. But while we act, while we color our worlds and dream up masterful costumes to become The Other, we are too creating. And in the hunt for entertainment, we become the humorous animal that is the human.