Wednesday, May 12, 2010


No matter how busy I've been, I try to keep up with my writing. My blog has been disregarded lately, but it's been for good reason... work, work, work. School. Fun.
Concert reviews, album reviews, film fests, roadtrips, parties, farewells, another semester gone. I share with you my latest pieces of writing that have been published, proving me once more that everything I set my mind to, I'm gonna get done. I've been lucky, but I'm talented, and I work hard for what I've gotten.

Visit my page at Austin Vida magazine to check up on the latest albums, concerts, and film festivals going on in the great city of Austin, Texas... I had an amazing time getting to meet new people, artists, musicians, producers, and fans of great work.

I've also been working for Red River Noise, a great music blogazine that has taken me in, from the Austin Vida family. Check out my work...

More to come.

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  1. sounds like a lot to do :) Good luck on everything