Monday, June 29, 2009

Total Anonymity

En un mundo de Facebook y MySpace, y todas las otras maneras de anunciarle al mundo quiénes somos, sigue existiendo la inseguridad y la preferencia por mantenerte anónimo. Obviously won't mention any names, pero me llamó mucho la atención cuando recibía posts y comentarios de parte de un tal Anónimo que escribía y me hablaba como si nos conociéramos. I was honestly freaked out, y cada vez que me llegaba un comentario me preguntaba quién podría ser, y por qué si me conocía lo suficiente como para llamarme "Velita", se mantenía anónimo? Después de un tiempo supe quién era, y al preguntarle por qué no publicaba su nombre, me contestó: "Me ibas a madrear de lo que te comentaba." Well, that shut me up. 
Vivimos en un lugar donde no es cool leer el periódico (more than the Arts&Leisure section) en lugar de Us Weekly, en donde si prefieres quedarte a leer en vez de salir a agarrar el pedo eres clasificado como un loser, en una época en la que es mejor jugar Halo que ir a clases, y si eres alguien popular (which is the same as being an "airhead") o fresa, tienes que escuchar Lady GaGa porque si oyes un poco de Death Cab eres un emo (even if you're into the music, not the uniform). Y como una persona a la que le gusta un poco de todo, no se sintió bien ser vista como una que se burla de otra por expresar su opinión o por querer escribir bien en español (no pochamente, like yours truly). De las pocas cosas que aprendí en mi clase de Mate del último semestre, fue el hecho que total anonymity encourages people to tell the truth...No me pregunten porqué estudié eso en una clase de matemáticas, but I did. 
Ya sea si es porque te da miedo que se burlen de ti, o porque quieres criticar sin sentirte culpable, porque no quieres que te cachen una mentira-- o una verdad--, o porque no tienes los huevos para decir "this is me who's saying all this crap", hay millones que prefieren esconderse bajo un seudónimo. What I think is, en qué tipo de mundo vivimos que hay miles de maneras para comunicarte o expresarte, pero sigue el miedo de qué pensarán los demás. I'm putting myself out there through here. Cuando escribo de estupideces, están los que me dicen "escribiste lo más estúpido del mundo en tu último post". Cuando le atino y de repente meto un buen punto entre idioteces, like right now, hay una que otra persona que me lo dice. And it feels good to hear...Entonces para aquella persona, you know who you are, perdón. Ya no te madreo...You got all the right in the world to say what you think. Y para los que me comentan bajo un seudónimo, guess that's all right too. Nadamás sepan que no tienen que hacerlo. It's all just for the sake of conversation anyways.


  1. ¡yo quiero saber quién es anónimo! A mi me gustaban sus posts. Mua ja ja... Me recordaste a un post de Guillermo Sheridan (un escritor de Letras Libres -entre otras cosas- que descubrí hace poco es originario de Monterrey). Te lo pego.

  2. It's funny, you know, reading this. Because I think youre right, of course. And if anonimo is who I think it is, this person has a lot of cool stuff to say but has been made to eat a lot of shit over the years (and not by you, velita) and that's a goddamned shame. Of course, I know the SABE nonsense is stupid, but at the heart of it, that whole deal was about people like anonimo - and YOU, velita - not having to be scared.

    But you know what's funny? When I was your age (i turn 39 in a week or so) there was no facebook, no twitter, no email, no cell phones. No answering machines. So we were anonymous ALL THE TIME. its not like now where you guys have grown up completely on display, accessible, plugged in, online, and always part of the grid. (the matrix, if you will. hahahahahah!!) for me it was never like that. and i cant help but feel like in some way your thoughts on the value of anonymity are in some way related to that, you know? being anonymous is such a rare event for you kids today, since every moment is texted and photographed and shared and CONSUMED. know what i mean? im not sure exactly what the effect of that will be on you in the long run(and GOD FORBID on YOUR kids - i dont even want to imagine what the world will be like for your kids). but i wonder if maybe anonymity is at such a premium for you because so much of your life is available for public consumption in a way that no culture's has ever been in our history.

    that thought is terribly unformed but i think theres something in it. i leave it to you to sort out.

    and of course i will sign anonymous because i dont know how to NOT to that, so let everyone know that it is i, spiro agnew, former vice president of these united states.


  3. for starts, my dear second Anonymous, Spiros Agnew's birthday is in September, and I know yours is July 11,(as you said, you turn 39 in a week) and the only thing in common between the 2 of you, is that you are of greek descent. Besides, isn't Agnew dead?
    Anyway, this post is about moi!! yeeeeyy... I love having things written about me! haha jk.
    I agree with spiro here, anonymity is not something we tend to have during these times, and in my defense, I revel in it! Sure Velita, you might;ve had something to say against me in my comments, but its also fun to play the guessing game and keep you guessing at my identity, bleh, now everyone here knows who I am, oh well.
    And again, Vela, you know I have no trouble expressing myself, that's what gets me all my weird nicknames...(rara, warego, legolas, mermaid and more), all of which, I have to say, I'm quite proud of!
    BTW, this is not true, "Y como una persona a la que le gusta un poco de todo, no se sintió bien ser vista como una que se burla de otra por expresar su opinión o por querer escribir bien en español " It wasn't because I didn't feel comfortable expressing myself, and I hadn't even noticed if I was writing well in spanish or not, (see now, Im writing in English for the sake of spiro above). You both know I have a lot to say about many things, and most of the time I'm not afraid to say them, if I don't say them, its because I think it will be a waste of time because I know what kind of audience I have, not to generalize, but closed minded people tend to get easily stressed when being "lectured" by an open minded one. So I just shut up, smile and nod, because they obviously think that what they have to say is more important. And if that makes them happy, then the world is at peace.
    I think everyone in the world likes to be anonymous every once in a while, you can change who you are, explore new sides of you, and then there's that sense of mystery we all love that, in my case, I know who you are, but you don't recognize me, and I can have all the fun in the world, playing tricks on you to keep you guessing... well, its fun.

    I wish I had more time to write and say my mind until I;m satisfied, but as always, time is of the essence now, and you tend to have all the time in the world, and when you really need it, it becomes terribly reduced.
    I wish I had infinity. ha. "a freak like me, just needs infinity" tu ru ruuu, ru ruuu...
    erm, ignore that.

    Anyways, Obviously, I;ll sign Anonymous1 for old time's sake.

  4. jajajaja... no era mi intencion to portray you as a victim, merms. i know you revel in your hecho cuando estaba guessing quien era, pensaba "es alguien que esta disfrutando joder con mi mente"... alas! jajajajajajaja

  5. ahh y en cuanto a lo de que escribes bien en español, no era dirigido espeficificamente a ti...pero aqui es normal burlarte de una persona cuando escribe o habla bien en español y nos lo madreamos, diciendole "te quieres hacer el culto" etc.